My Story

88&Cloudless | Solid Gold

In every piece of gold there is a story. A timeless, meaningful collection founded by designer, mamma and wife, Jen Outlaw.

Why the name 88&Cloudless?

My happy place lies under the sun looking across the clear blue ocean. It use to be my dream. It's now my reality.

The Collection

All my pieces are designed to represent life’s magnificent stories. Everyone has their own unique story, our delights and despairs, and I want to tell those stories in the simplest and purest form using the rarest material; solid gold.

Precious, everyday pieces that will last a lifetime and be worn with love

88&Cloudless prides itself on purity. Nothing I sell has been coated or mass produced. Every piece has been hand finished to the highest standard, resulting in a beautiful piece of jewellery. 

The Look

Elegant, contemporary and timeless. My focus is on pure gold and clean lines, balancing beauty and simplicity with inherent meaning.

We donate 5% of all our profits to Winston's Wish - a charity that supports bereaved children

Why Winston's Wish?

Leaving my children behind is one of my worst nightmares and having lost my father only last year, and having suffered my own health problems, I think about it a little more. It's for that reason I have chosen to donate 5% of our profits to Winston's Wish - a charity that helps, nurtures and supports children who've lost their parents.


Live the Dream

88&Cloudless HQ. We've moved and are settling in to the Sri Lankan way of life and so far we couldn't be happier. My husband and I discussed moving abroad for years, but to pack up your life (including two young children) it's a move that takes you out of your comfort zone. It's also a risk, both financially and emotionally - a risk that after the year we just had, was one we believed worth taking. 

My incredible father passed away in September. My dad lived in China for most of my life, but although he was far away, he was a rock that gave me so much love and comfort. He was the greatest most adorable father I could wish for. I feel so lucky to have got to 35 and to have only lost one very special in person in my life, I know others less fortunate, but it's a huge loss all the same.

A few months before I lost my father I came down with Guillain Barre Syndrome. GBS is an autoimmune disorder that I'm told effects 1 in 100,000 people. Over the course of a few days my body shut down and I became pretty much paralysed. It was scariest week of our lives, but thanks to the NHS and the magical doctors at Homerton University Hospital, I tell the tale and my body recovered in miraculous time.

Life is short. Life is a gift. Do what makes you happy.