My Story

88&Cloudless | Solid Gold

In every piece of gold there is a story.

A timeless, meaningful collection founded by designer, Jen Outlaw.

Why the name 88&Cloudless?

The name derives from Jen's perfect surroundings - soaking up the sunshine on a hot, cloudless day (88 fahrenheit). She longed to live in the tropics, a place where she was brought up and felt at home. After living in London for the past 20 years, she decided it was time to fulfil her dreams and start a new life with her husband and two young children when she came down with a terrifying autoimmune disorder, Guillain-Barré Syndrome in 2018, only to lose her father a few months after. As a result she's now living in Sri Lanka and fulfilling her passion by creating a line of modern, forever jewellery.

The Collection

All our pieces are designed to represent life’s magnificent stories. Everyone has their own unique story, our delights and despairs, and we want to tell those stories in their simplest and purest form using the rarest metal in the world; gold.

Timeless, everyday pieces that will last a lifetime and be worn with love

88&Cloudless prides itself on purity. Nothing we sell has been coated or mass produced and every piece has been hand finished to the highest standard, resulting in a beautiful piece of forever jewellery.